When a married couple unknowingly buy a home in a private suburban neighborhood inhabited by religious extremists, they must learn to coexist with their zealous neighbors or risk coming undone.

The Shades is a dark, satirical comedy series. And we mean dark. Picture a gaudy circle of hell where the condemned drown underneath a barrage of pastels, picket fences, fake smiles, and “howdy neighbors!”

Oh, the humanity.

The Shades” is also the name of this private community where all religions coexist. A magical place where you are free to be yourself to any radical extreme your heart desires; or logical fallacies, dogma, and blind faith demand of you. We won’t judge!

Our story follows secular couple Hailey and John, along with their young daughter Mara, as they move to The Shades to follow their own American dream, unaware of what’s in store. Between the strange happenings, bizarre rituals, domestic squabbles, animal sacrifices, and spiritually-offensive social faux pas, Hailey and John are constantly pit against the community.

Meanwhile, Mara is left to feel the effects of their failing marriage and the increasing neglect of parental responsibility.

This is not the dream life they signed up for. Now their relationship and personal values are challenged and pushed to the edge, as they struggle to coexist with their zealous neighbors... And with each other...

Can Hailey and John’s marriage survive their new suburban hell?


At this juncture, when the veneer of American exceptionalism has been cracked to pieces, we don’t need a show that idolizes the better angels of our nature. We don’t need content that lauds what people can become with a little hard work, perseverance and bootstrap-pulling.

Entertainment needs to mirror who we really are. It must be bold enough to highlight the ugly parts of the human condition in 2019. Only by seeing our truly awful selves can we actually strive for better.

We both have a personal disdain for rich white suburbia. It masquerades and self-fellates as some welcoming, open-minded ideal of America, when in truth it is just an exclusive club that denies entry to the poor, the dark, and the “other.”

By pitting people of vastly different beliefs against one another, in this environment that forces pleasantry and conformity, we’re creating a world innately unsustainable. The bubble will burst. We will break these characters down, expose their hypocrisies and insecurities in a brilliant supernova of schadenfreude. And after we’ve had a laugh at their failures, maybe we can take a look in the mirror ourselves.

This world is a terrifying, amazing, heartbreaking, and hilarious place. Differences should be celebrated, not used to separate us. It’s time to revere that which is truly good, question what we don’t understand, and shout a loud “what the actual fuck?!” at all the bullshit.

The best time to do it was for-fucking-ever ago; the second best time is now.

- Kevin Davis & Mike Barnett