The neighborhood is home to a wonderful myriad of people. Families, young couples, and even a fraternity make up The Shades' diverse population of happy homeowners and tenants. 



Hailey & John

Hailey & John, along with their young daughter Mara, have just moved into the community. Hailey is a strong, family oriented woman...John, on the other hand, has a "bigger is better" mentality and is clinging to his youth. Hailey & John are  looking to provide their family with a normal, suburban upbringing. The American Dream.


Jade & Angelo

Jade & Angelo are a delightful couple who are steeped in Pagan mystery.They host many parties, gatherings, and ceremonies that bring the community together in new and exotic ways. Very spiritual, earthy, and sensual, Jade & Angelo are a couple looking to share their love with others. 



Alpha Sigma Satan

The Shades is proud to provide housing for students at the local university. Very devout to their Greek life activities, Alpha Sigma Satan brothers Corey, Mike, Dan, and Pierson can be seen regularly engaging in ritualistic sacrifices and other shenanigans. These "brocifers" are a very welcoming bunch as long as you stay on their good side. Above all they value respect and loyalty, especially in legion!



Robin is a delightful bachelor. A "Do Unto Others" type of guy, Robin can usually be seen helping around the neighborhood: removing litter, helping other tenants with maintenance, and feeding the homeless. But no squatters here!...When not helping those in need, Robin likes to spend his time playing basketball by himself. His door is always open. 



Avi and Sarah 

The Shades embraces its diverse population, and Avi and Sarah are just that. When they are not engaging in the Sabbath, they can be seen exchanging a pleasant "shalom" and other such words. Reserved in their appearance, Avi and Sarah adhere to the Torah's strict set of rules. Keeping tradition is of the utmost importance, and they will go to great lengths to maintain it. 


Have you seen this man? 

Reports cite him trespassing on private property, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, and overall making residents feel "unsafe" and "uncomfortable." Should you encounter him or any other undesirable, notify maintenance and the neighborhood police immediately.

The Shades is dedicated to keeping urban street crime out of our beautiful suburb.